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Fraser Foundations is a pier replacement business that operates up and down the coast of NSW, covering Sydney, Newcastle, Woolongong and as far north as Grafton.

As an experienced Bricklayer, Frasers Foundations specialise in:

  • House Lifting
  • Relevelling
  • Pier Replacement
  • Brick Pier and foundation repairs
  • House Restumping

Pier Replacement - Sydney & Newcastle - Relevelling Piers

We have worked in the industry for more than twenty years, and have gained years of knowledge and experience stablising homes through-out the Hunter Region and the NSW coast.

Our rates are affordable and we offer FREE Quotes and onsite inspections.

Below are a few BEFORE and AFTER shots of a job we’ve recently completed. These are common issues that occur in older style houses.

Pier Replacement, brick Piers, Fraser Foundation
Brick Pier Replacement Foundations Newcastle, Sydney, Maitland, Cessnock

Brick Piers and Brick Foundations

Almost all houses built before the 1980s were constructed on brick piers with a brick foundation embedded into the ground. Over time the mortar deteriorates and along with water seepage makes the bricks and mortar brittle and powdery causing the house to settle over time and sink in various places causing internal cracking, doors and windows jamming, creaking floors and uneven surfaces.

Houses can be approx 100 mm out of level without being visibly noticeable but it affects any internal renovation work to a substantial degree.

Renovating a house before relevelling…

Renovating a house before relevelling can cause all sorts of problems if you decide along the track to do total releveling and pier replacement works, if you had cracks before the renovation these will continue as well as continual sinking without first stabilzing the foundation first.

Pier replacement and house relevelling

Pier replacement and house relevelling can be relatively inexpensive but it is entirely subject to ease of access because if the house is very low access must be gained through the flooring inside.

Cost to Repier, Relevel a brick pier house:

An example price:

For a 40 to 50 pier house with a height of 1m can be as little as $15,000.

About the price of a new kitchen so it is a worthwhile investmentĀ that will add a 5 fold or more return on your original investment come sale time

For a free quote and on the spot estimate of a repiering job.

Please contact me phone: 0404502190 or enquire online here, and I would be more then happy to provide you with a written quote if interested.